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The Various Electronic Identity Trends

Electronic identity is always evolving as countries explore identity validation, identity verification, authentication and overall document signing. The uses electronic identity is becoming more and more popular. Understanding more of the top trends within electronic […]

HID Global present its High Secure Citizen ID Cards

HID Global technologies that have been featured in its customers’ award-winning national passport and ID card programs are now commercially available in one of the world’s most secure citizen ID cards. HID Global uses patented […]

Preparation of the consultation on the biometric identity cards in Bhutan

In Bhutan, the NIDMC (NICs Management Centre) opened the study prior to the implementation of the national biometric identity card. Consultations were initiated with various governmental and non-governmental organizations on the various uses of biometric […]

Biometrics to secure maritime areas

The International Biometrics + Identity Association (IBIA) commented on the efforts made by the Coast Guard of the United States in order to improve maritime safety. According to IBIA, maritime safety should be improved with […]

Valeo and Gemalto use the smartphone to secure the car key

Thanks to Valeo and Gemalto, drivers can now use their smartphone to lock, unlock and start their car control applications and have remote access via Bluetooth to useful data on the vehicle. This innovation, called […]

Gemalto to Help Norway’s Postal Agency Implement Fraud Protection Tech

Norway’s national post and logistics service has selected digital security company  Gemalto to provide a verification tool for the agency to check customer credentials. Gemalto said Thursday it will supply its Coesys ID Verification technology to Posten Norge in order […]

Identity Checking in Xinjiang

Xinjiang (Sinkiang) or East Turkestan, is one of five autonomous regions of China. Enjoying special status, the country is the sixth of Chinese territory, the equivalent of three times the area of France. It has […]

What category of biometrics for secure payments?

According to a study conducted for Visa in seven European countries, the majority of respondents believes that the two-factor authentication, that is to say the combination of biometrics to a payment tool (support possessed by […]

Google wants to facilitate your password management

Google proposes to generalize the use of a password manager. The first step in preparation with Dashlane, concerns connections to Android applications, then the second would involve other devices and operating systems. Thus, we would […]

Against terrorism in coastal areas

The Indian Department of Basant Kumar Dash issued biometric ID cards with fingerprints for its 2.6 million fishermen in the coastal districts. The government decided to reassure the public by measures of control population. This […]

SmartMetric enhances mobile security using biometrics

SmartMetric, creator of biometric credit card, has successfully integrated inside the card, a powerful fingerprint scanner. The company improves the biometric card technology for the benefit of mobile security and identity check. SmartMetric has developed […]

Contactless Wristband from Gemalto for Euro 2016

On the occasion of the Euro 2016, Gemalto, expert in digital security, has developed, in cooperation with the operator of public transport, Keolis Lille, a ticket in the form of a contactless wristband. The use […]

The French Banque Postale and Voice Recognition

The French Banque Postale has received approval from the CNIL to authenticate online payments from customers by their voices. The authentication of online payments by voice will be operational on all websites, from next summer. […]

Bulgaria is introducing biometric identity cards

Bulgaria is preparing for the introduction of ID cards containing biometric data for border crossings and EU airports checking. These new identity cards will carry an optional electronic identification system and will be used as […]

Triple cooperation for a secured tablet

At CeBIT 2015 in Hanover, Samsung, BlackBerry and IBM unveiled a tablet called SecuTablet. This is a model of Galaxy Tab 10.5 Samsung S aimed at both professionals and the general public and in which […]

Hacking Confidential Health Insurance Files

According to the FBI, 80 million records of the Health insurance company American Anthem have been hacked recently. An investigation is currently underway in the utmost discretion. Investigators believe that the violation of social security […]

Lack of security in IoT

The safety report prepared in July 2014 by HP shows that the Internet of Things test systems could easily be forced to extract the user names and passwords. And this could be run remotely, making […]

About the success of Biometric Authentication Applications

A new report from Juniper Research has found that more than 770 million biometric authentication applications will be downloaded per annum by 2019, up from just 6 million this year and dramatically reducing dependence on […]

Biometrics and passwords

Dashlane, security expert, points out for the record, the advantages of biometrics. Biometrics involves the identification of a person’s right for accessing contents or services (authentication). Theoretically, it prevents identity theft and numerous frauds. However, […]

ID cards for immigrants

Sometimes, the ID card delivery seems more urgent for immigrants than for resident citizens. This paradox is observed both in Turkey and the United States. Turkey has provided some 1.5 million Syrian refugees fleeing civil […]

Cooperation in authentication

Identity and authentication service provider SecureKey has announced a collaboration with Oberthur Technologies, which delivers SIMs and SIM-based software to drive further competition in the mobile identity service market. The agreement will enable SecureKey to […]

Identity Theft in Health Computer Systems

Chinese hackers have invested virus in the computer system health of the American group Community Health Systems, which operates 206 hospitals in 29 states. This intrusion would have allowed the pirates to copy medical and […]

The lack of vigilance in mobility facilitates fraud

The lack of security of Wi-Fi hotspots and lack of awareness of the users facilitate fraud. According to a British investigation performed by the Cyber Security Research Institute (CSRI) in London in conjunction with F-Secure […]

Partnership between China Mobile Selects Gemalto for public transport applications

Gemalto, an expert in digital security, has been selected by China Mobile to offer UpTeq NFC solution for users of SIM cards. The goal is to protect the credentials in mobile contactless applications consumers. This […]

Security flaws in the Health Identification System

The United States Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has not properly developed its program of employee identification and access card, which has led to reveal a number of security vulnerabilities. The program is […]

In 2024, the handheld terminal will control everything!

When you prepare to leave your home, you should check that you have on you your keys, your wallet and your mobile phone. In 2024, this checklist will be reduced to a single element: your […]

A biometric processor reinforces the security of identity cards

The company SmartMetric is a publicly traded technology company that has added a fingerprint scanner built inside EMV payment credit and debit chip cards thereby creating a second layer biometric authentication protection in defending against […]

Inside Secure enhances its lead in the NFC

Inside Secure is a French company specialized in the design, development and marketing of integrated circuits and embedded software for applications secure payment, identification, access control, transportation and sale retail. The group’s activity is primarily […]

Estonia improves its national program for electronic ID cards

The Economist rightly points out that the founders of the Internet, mostly academics and researchers have based the identity of Internet users on mutual trust. Today, it appears that the lack of secure identification is […]

Biometric Payments with PulseWallet

PulseWallet enables cardless payment by a simple scan of the user’s hand in front of a biometric reader at the point of sale. PulseWallet demonstrates a cardless shopping future, replacing current payment methods with biometrics. […]

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