Atlas Mara to launch mVisa across African footprint

Africa-focused financial services group Atlas Mara signed a partnership deal with Visa to launch mobile payment system mVisa into several countries across sub-Saharan Africa. London-listed Atlas Mara holds interests or controlling stakes in banks across […]

Gemalto fighting “Card not present” Fraud

To combat the rise of CNP fraud, which affects e-commerce, Gemalto has launched a Gemalto Dynamic Code Verification (Dynamic Code Verification), a solution that guarantees secure transactions using a Security code in constant evolution, visible […]

France develops its Global FinTech sector with talent

Despite the international political uncertainties raised by the Brexit and by the new US administration, France is taking steps to attract the best talents and facilitate the growth of its dynamic FinTech ecosystem. The French […]

Bots and Chatbots, and the click‘s race in 2017!

Language accompanies technology and both evolve constantly. New words appear and woe to those who fail to imbibe the hidden meaning of renewed wordings. Everyone knows the robots, these copies of workers supposed to take […]

Quand la cyber-sécurité contribue à l’enchantement client…

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The Toulouse-based company launches its Mastercard bankcard

Fintech “Morning” is an innovative company located in the South of Toulouse, in Saint-Elix-Le-Château. Specializing in co-banking, it launches its own Mastercard payment card, a standard debit card with immediate authorization. Responding to the digital […]

London phone booths replaced with WiFi kiosks

Following a partnership between BT and the specialist in digital media, Intersection, ad-funded LinkUK will open high bitrate Wi-Fi kiosks in London to replace the old phone booths. This public free-of-charge Wi-Fi is in the […]

When W3C standardizes online payment applications

In the world of online payment, the concept of “digital wallet” was introduced by PayPal. Thus, the Internet clients have become accustomed to manage their payment information in order to be able to pay online […]

The “Compte Nickel” (Nickel Account)

Created in late 2013 by the young company “Financial electronic payments”, the “Nickel Account” is used by 300,000 customers today. This is an account “without bank” that can be opened on presentation of an ID […]

Online Banking: Fraud is progressing!

Online banking is a dynamic activity in the financial services sector. Every innovation has advantages, but also often weak points. The online banking services have the advantage of customer loyalty because they offer ergonomics, automatic […]

Mobile phones give a Fast track to financial activities in Sub-Saharan Africa

In sub-Saharan Africa, many customers face significant barriers to accessing financial services on mobile phones. According to the report “Financial services for everyone,” written by Ericsson ConsumerLab, in sub-Saharan Africa, more than half of consumers […]

Tunisia, a pioneer country in digital banking

Tunisia will soon be the first country to authorize the use of its virtual currency via an application running through Blockchain and Bitcoin. The service will deployed with the help of a partnership between the […]

Let us be discovering the Fintechs!

In the digital sector, new actors have emerged, the Fintechs. Fintechs are young financial services companies, experts in cryptography software, anti-fraud systems, bank card editors, which combine financial activity, new technologies and the legal aspets. […]

Looking for a Secure Online Shopping

The use of e-commerce is slow to progress. Several solutions are available and their continued development is not totally reassuring customers. Among these solutions, the technique of the “token” (technique called “tokenization”) in remote payment […]

The Electronic Wallet System explained to Dynamic Investors

The global market of online payments is one of the fast growing in 2015. According to the Royal Bank of Scotland research, an overall growth rate of global non-cash transactions is 7,6%. Among the top […]

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