The ghost of the Australian Identity Card

While some countries want to implement an identity control system using the latest techniques, others are very reluctant. Their refusal is often based on the peculiarities of implementation of the first projects which proved clumsy. […]

Gemalto responds to requests from Swedish Tax Agency

Gemalto Company, expert in digital security, has just signed a multi-year contract with Skatteverket, the Swedish Tax Authority, for the provision of an eGov authentication platform for online services, electronic identity cards and a complete […]

Digital idealism and chauvinism

After the proud “Digital Britain” program that was supposed to make UK the number one digital country in the European Union, here is the slogan “Using Big Data to Make America Great”. Digital technologies multiply […]

Science, Culture, Education and Digital Technologies

In the incoming years, the global Internet network will replace the old switched telephone networks created by the former National PTT Administrations. The Internet is the result of the combined efforts of industrialists from around […]

Characteristics of the Aadhaar Identity Card Project in India

The Aadhaar Identity Card Project in India concerns access to government and private sector services related to the control of food rations, marriage certificates, entry examinations, concessions, train tickets, mobile phone cards and banking services. […]

Gemalto Acquires 3M Identity Management

Gemalto, an expert in digital security, entered into an agreement to acquire the Identity Management business of 3M. This includes “3M Cogent”, which provides a full range of biometric solutions for civil identification, border control […]

E-Health insurance cards out, replaced by eID cards

Electronic health insurance cards which should have been introduced last year will ultimately not be launched at all. The scrapping of e-health cards stems from an amendment to the law on the national health information […]

Sweden could issue a national digital currency

Sweden is considering whether to launch its “ekrona”, an electronic or digital version of the Swedish krona. The Riksbank was the first central bank in the world to issue paper notes in the 1660s, thanks […]

A strange and new Chinese regulation

Though ostensibly designed to strengthen local networks against malicious hackers, in fact a new law will soon affect both domestic and foreign firms operating on the Chinese mainland. This step backwards for innovation in China […]

Centralized ID database scares the French

The project of a personal database common to passports and national identity cards, linked to a single file, called “Secure Electronic Securities” (TES), should be put in force. This new database should gather all information […]

Support to the principle of Biometric Identification Card in Mauritius

Legal authorities of Mauritius confirmed the validity of the biometric ID card and have rejected calls that were made in front of the Court. The Law Lords also corrected an inconsistency in the judgment at […]

Indian Biometric ID Card Project Close to End

The end of the realization of the project of India biometric identity card decided by the Aadhar Act is nearing completion. India will be able to use the computer to set up a national infrastructure […]

City Identity cards are used more frequently in the United States

For the last ten years, a dozen US cities have set up services using ID cards and fifteen others are preparing to follow this example. It appears that poor people and immigrants living illegally in […]

Identity Checking in Xinjiang

Xinjiang (Sinkiang) or East Turkestan, is one of five autonomous regions of China. Enjoying special status, the country is the sixth of Chinese territory, the equivalent of three times the area of France. It has […]

Jordan adopts the secure biometric ID card

NXP Semiconductors N.V. today announced that The Civil Status and Passports Department (CSPD) in Jordan has chosen NXP’s secure SmartMX2 microcontroller for its new contactless citizen ID card. The Ministry of Information and Communications Technology […]

The theme of the Afghan identity card becomes divisive

The Afghan government would issue biometric identity cards for all citizens in order to limit electoral fraud and strengthen national unity. But the question of whether to include the ethnicity of citizens unfortunately highlighted the […]

The national identity card in the world

Useful, but not always mandatory, the Computerized National Identity Card (NIC) has been adopted in different countries in varying contexts. Its status globally is quite varied. Some countries have not created an identity card system, […]

Peru electronic passport competes with best ID cards in Latin America

Given its up-to-date features and high security measures, Peru’s electronic passport has been nominated for Best ID Card at the High Security Printing Latin America conference, which gathers organizations involved in the field of high […]

Formalization of the Electronic Signature in Europe in July 2016

Two years after its adoption by the European Union, the eIDAS Regulation (electronic identification and trust services) will come into force on 1 July 2016. The electronic signature will then officially be recognized throughout Europe. […]

The Seniors and the Internet

The openness of the Internet for old people is a key theme. It makes sense to encourage all French Internet use in any occasion and to further open the market to an audience of retirees […]

Five steps online to get an Electronic Identity Card

South African Citizens can get the issue of an identity card or passport chip while sitting in their home. The Interior Ministry has reduced queues by launching an application on the portal “eBusiness at home” […]

Distribution of Biometric Turkish ID Cards

Turkish authorities have begun the distribution of new biometric identity cards in the Central Anatolian province of Kırıkkale, which was selected as the pilot province for the program. The new “smart” cards, which contain chips, […]

Numbering French Villages and Hamlets

A clever boss must know its resources. To inventory, he first classifies its ressources and it assigns a serial number according to the rules carefully studied. Responsibility for Car park management was awarded in France […]

US elections: Identification of the Texas Citizen

On the Super Tuesday, a great number of citizens thronged to the polling station in Fort Worth, Texas to elect more than 1,400 delegates. But how is it identifying voters ensured? According to the Texas […]

Incomplete electronic Identity Cards

After several weeks of controversy, the Tanzania state-run National Identification Authority (NIDA) acknowledged that the signatures of the holders were missing on the new electronic ID cards manufactured recently. Accordingly, it was appropriate to manufacture […]

ID card must to enter school premises

Private educational institutions following the SOP formulated by the Punjab government have decided to ensure the possession of identity card of the institution by students and other staff at the entry points. Private sector schools […]

Turkey to introduce new IDs in line with EU visa deal

Turkey has passed a new law to introduce a new version of identity cards for its citizens, as part of steps toward becoming a European Union member state. The new version of the Turkish national […]

ID Cards improvements

No one is a prophet in his own country! In France, the establishment of a secure electronic national identity card (ID Card) had upset the elites and the implementation of this innovation has been cancelled. […]

Planning relations between European Electronic Government Administrations

The European Commission has released the 2015 version of the eGovernment factsheets for each of the 28 EU Member States. These documents provide a comprehensive overview of digital management activities recommended among member countries and […]

Elimination of corruption with electronic ID cards

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi wants to take the fingerprints of 1.2 billion people to save $ 12 billion a year. The fight against corruption will fund about what India spends annually on education. With […]

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