Universal access to information communications technology: Mood and stress-related challenges

Moods are essential to how people experience the world. When moods become disturbed or when people are very stressed the consequences can be profound and accompanied by considerable distress. Their ability to accurately judge others […]

Florida begins process of issuing medical marijuana ID cards

Florida health officials who oversee the medical marijuana program have started processing identification card applications for patients and caregivers. The cards, which are issued through the Office of Compassionate Use, are part of regulations passed […]

Safran, exclusive supplier of Vitale cards in France in 2018

Safran Identity & Security has been selected by the SESAM-Vitale GIE as the exclusive supplier for the development, manufacture and personalization of Vitale’s Health Insurance cards. The “Carte Vitale” is the health insurance card of […]

Personal liability and “secure tunnel” for sensitive data

The transmission of sensitive data is sanctioned by the HIPAA Privacy and Security Rules. The perpetrator of this type of offense and his / her employer risk a large fine because the sensitive data often […]

Password: “I love you”, which means that Your Heartbeat is used as a Password!

Lovers celebrated by literature have often witnessed the unique character of their passion. Romeo knows only Juliet and he could even identify her in the midst of a thousand girls. Today’s science explains the reason […]

Requests for ransom in the medical field

Health organizations are aware of the ubiquitous piracy threats to their information systems. This threat brings into play their efforts and reputation for compliance. Ransom demands are changing the way health care organizations are now […]

Blood Alcohol Wristband

On the occasion of a party with friends, it is good to know at what level is the blood alcohol level of each one? Do we still have the right to take another drink? The […]

Dossier Technologique 10 – Electronic Health: concepts and achievements in 2017

Electronics was introduced in the medical field in 1915 with radioscopy (Marie Curie) and the electrocardiogram was transmitted by telephone in 1920. Today, remote medical applications (telemedicine) are developing thanks to the performance of technologies […]

ST focus on MEMS sensors fitness and compass functions

STMicroelectronics markets a high-precision development kit for biometric wearable devices. This kit includes a SensorTile multi-sensor module and a Valencell Benchmark biometric detection system. The combination of these two technologies makes it possible to have […]

The Future of the Internet of Medical Objects

Cybersecurity spending on connected medical devices remains low, but according to ABI Research they are expected to triple by 2021. The Internet of Medical Objects aims to transform healthcare through intelligent devices. However, its future […]

E-Health insurance cards out, replaced by eID cards

Electronic health insurance cards which should have been introduced last year will ultimately not be launched at all. The scrapping of e-health cards stems from an amendment to the law on the national health information […]

RFID Technology for the best blood product management

With 70 patents, the French start-up company Biolog-id based in Bernay, in the Eure department, has become the global benchmark for the traceability of sensitive health products. Expert in RFID (radio frequency identification) traceability solutions […]

IC sensors for Internet for Health

To continuously measure the heart rate and the oxygen content which flows in the arteries, a pulse oximeter is used. The pulse oximeter provides a noninvasive checkup because it imposes no injection and requires no […]

Google enters in the field of “bioelectronic medicines”

UK companies Google Life Sciences and GlaxoSmithKline (GSK, Brentford, England) have agreed to form a joint venture to develop bioelectronics, and in particular the related implanted neurostimulator technologies. The new company, called Galvani Bioelectronics Ltd. […]

A New Market for the IoT: “Bionic Man”

Bionics covers all the scientific knowledge and technologies dealing with  plants and animals that could achieve biological applications related to health and the lengthening of the human lifespan. Bionics studies the properties of living cells […]

Ethics for portable medical devices

The entrance of portable electronics in the medical field is raising different problems and challenges the traditional standards. The mobile phone is now much more widespread than in the past and its computer processing power […]

Electronic medicine or medical electronics?

According to research firm “Lux Research” study, “smart pills” and patches connected could save nearly $ 300 billion on health care in the United States, through better adherence to recommended treatments. Lux Research noted that […]

Samsung and Nestle on a common road for a quantified-self health platform

One of the most significant advances of the Internet of Things is dealing with the health sector. Samsung Electronics and the Institute of Nestlé Health Science have understood the synergy that could arise from the […]

The brain, mobile telephone and epilepsy

Installed within the Institute for Brain and Spinal Marrow in Paris, BioSerenity Company is a start-up focused on intelligent clothing as a medical device. In its application called “Neuronaute” BioSerenity has developed a solution that […]

From the Medical Clock to the Smart Socks

The Internet of Things for health takes off and it will probably dominate the whole field of wearables objects. Experts believe that this rapid and unexpected development is likely to change the health field. The […]

Internet and gardening for the seniors

Good news for everyone: our neurons continue their activity and their growth all along our lives. Scientists confirm that our neurons retain the ability to establish connections in the new circumstances in which we operate. […]

Smart Shoes could power Wearables from Walking

Scientists at Fraunhofer IPMS (Dresden, Germany) have developed a new energy harvesting device based on emergent electroactive polymers, which is small enough to be embedded in the sole of a shoe and can be used […]

Smartphones and Internet of Things to Help Prevent Diabetic Amputations

Diabetic neuropathy is a type of nerve damage associated with the development of foot ulcers in patients with diabetes. Resulting from anatomical deformation, excessive pressure and poor blood supply, it affects over 130 million individuals […]

Alfred – Beat back pain with a game

The Alfred system comes with a game for people with lower back pain. It is a real serious game to help people reduce pain in their lower back, which is a common disorder. Alfred, which […]

Internet of Things against hypertension

The French Committee against Hypertension (HTA) reports the results of its FLAHS 2015 study. It was conducted by Kantar Health with over 6,000 French people over 55, including 1724 hypertensive patients having a self-measurement device. […]

Technogym cooperates with Apple Health

Technogym, an expert in the manufacture and distribution of products, services and solutions of exercises for well-being and health, had announced during the IHRSA Congress 2015, the integration of its business with Healthkit, the Health […]

We must take care of the security of the new medicine

Hospitals, clinics and insurers are constantly the target of malicious online attacks. According to ABI Research study, professional health sector is poorly prepared to deal with cyber threats. Yet the value of personal health information […]

Safety and respect for private life within the Internet of medical Objects

While mobile Health wearable accessories and medical devices connected to the Internet are increasing, it is time to worry about the security risks and threats to the privacy of personal information that could harm consumers. […]

Hacking Confidential Health Insurance Files

According to the FBI, 80 million records of the Health insurance company American Anthem have been hacked recently. An investigation is currently underway in the utmost discretion. Investigators believe that the violation of social security […]

ITU Launches \Ebola-Info-Sharing\ Mobile Application

The ITU has launched a free mobile Application to be used in the campaign against the Ebola disease outbreak. The “Ebola-Info-Sharing” mobile App facilitates coordination among organizations responding to the Ebola crisis and offers the […]

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