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Epidemic of gift card fraud

This is the period of online shopping and business is booming. Gift cards are not only an easy and convenient way to get a little something special for family and friends but they allow clients […]

The Internet, as element of the technical evolution, is changing the social and political context

Twenty-five years ago, we applauded the emergence of this cheap global network linking the five continents with the same transport protocol for voice, data and image. It has become both the vector and the symbol […]

The FinTech World Is Looking East

According to KPMG studies, FinTech investments in North American and European are decreasing in Q1 of 2016, and have been growing by 20% in Asia, amounting to a total of US-$ 2.7 billion. At the […]

Regulators monitor FinTechs and Blockchain

The fifth Money2020 conference in Las Vegas held in October 2016 brought together 11,000 delegates eager for information on the new financial techniques and on hundreds of new products and services based on the blockchain. […]

An “easy to use tablet” the perfect Christmas gift for grandparents!

Everyone is in agreement: access to the Internet has become easier thanks to ergonomic advances in portable terminals and in particular tablets. Space-saving, lightweight, connectable to public and private Wi-Fi, and sometimes in 3G cellular […]

The global banking network SWIFT still victim of hackers

According to Symantec, software expert in security, it appears that a new group of hackers, called Odinaff, has tackled the SWIFT (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication), pivot the global financial system. The hacking process […]

Cooperation between banks and FinTech

Efforts in banking by computer companies called “FinTech” were originally intended to meet the needs of the people left to too prudent policies gap practiced by financial institutions. Accordingly, dynamic companies have created innovative banking […]

Retailers and IoT

Each industrial is taking part in the race for innovation and uses the Internet connectivity to rejuvenate its product and business system. In particular, the IoT opens the floodgates of innovation for the benefit of […]

Gemalto to Help Norway’s Postal Agency Implement Fraud Protection Tech

Norway’s national post and logistics service has selected digital security company  Gemalto to provide a verification tool for the agency to check customer credentials. Gemalto said Thursday it will supply its Coesys ID Verification technology to Posten Norge in order […]

How to succeed in a Website Implementation and Design

Sorry ! No English translation available for the book written in French by J-M Hardy and Leo J. Lesage « 60 règles d’or pour réussir son site web ».

Cyber attacks on bank networks

Reuters reminds that the global network of financial messaging SWIFT suffered last June a series of hacker attacks on its subsidiaries, particularly those from Bangladesh. According to the company eSentire, threat detection service provider and […]

The “Brexit” and the Internet of Things

Britain’s exit from the European Union is creating massive uncertainty for the U.K. economy. Technology companies, including IoT actors, face potential challenges in their markets, their funding and their workforce, but perhaps also opening new […]

500 million mobile subscribers in Africa

According to a study published by the Association of mobile professionals, the GSMA, Africa now comprises more than half a billion of subscribers to mobile services. The mobile connectivity is actually associated with essential services […]

Are we heading towards a slowdown in demand for digital?

Saturated by offers from the Web, citizens seem somewhat reducing their consumption of digital applications. The average download speed is now close to 50 Mbs in the United States and 29 Mbs in the UK. […]

“Enemy ears are listening to you !!”

In order to fight against the “Fifth Column” (a supposed hidden spy organization), the French Minister of War Alexandre Millerand had post in 1915, signs proclaiming “Shut up! Beware! Enemy ears are listening to you. […]

Classical Press, Digital Newspaper and Digital Technics

If Gutenberg’s invention revolutionized the transmission of information and communication, it took Diderot for the whole of human knowledge can be disseminated by the Encyclopedias and then the French Revolution to the ideas brewing lead […]

Czech Republic and Poland Are Leaders in Contactless Payments

Countries have been adopting contactless slowly but two countries in the European Union stand out – the Czech Republic and Poland. These countries have adopted the system so quickly since its introduction that currently, there […]

The sensors and the Internet

Very soon, the evolution of the Internet will lead to the massive opening of new applications geared towards the Internet of Things. The future of technology, technical and scientific research, commercial activities and investment rely […]

Formalization of the Electronic Signature in Europe in July 2016

Two years after its adoption by the European Union, the eIDAS Regulation (electronic identification and trust services) will come into force on 1 July 2016. The electronic signature will then officially be recognized throughout Europe. […]

The “Compte Nickel” (Nickel Account)

Created in late 2013 by the young company “Financial electronic payments”, the “Nickel Account” is used by 300,000 customers today. This is an account “without bank” that can be opened on presentation of an ID […]

Online Banking: Fraud is progressing!

Online banking is a dynamic activity in the financial services sector. Every innovation has advantages, but also often weak points. The online banking services have the advantage of customer loyalty because they offer ergonomics, automatic […]

Progression of smart clothing sales

A smart garment is one that has a unique digital identity, such as a Facebook profile with a “plug connected product” indicating the size, color, place of manufacture. It can also incorporate video advertising for […]

Barclays supports INTERPOL in combating cybercrime

A new agreement between INTERPOL and Barclays marks an important development in public-private partnerships to more effectively combat cybercrime. Barclays will become the first financial institution to have staff working full-time alongside police and other […]

Gemalto deploys Secure Element based applet for Mobile Payments on Wearables

Gemalto, the world expert in digital security, has provided a secure element based applet for smart wearables launched by China UnionPay Co. (CUP), one of the world’s major payment associations with total transactions reaching USD […]

Who will finance the Internet tomorrow? Advertising or football?

In the US, the Internet service providers (ISPs) play the role of public service and advertising agency. Comcast, Time Warner Cable, AT & T and Verizon deliver flow rates required for the Web client and […]

About the closure of Bank Branches

Because of current economic difficulties, banks seek to reduce costs and transform their business models appropriately. One of the means used to deal with this movement is to close small branches and focus on digital […]

Electronic Financial Transfers in the Developing World

With the fast pace of technology development and improving digital experience, electronic transfers globally are being adopted at a rapid pace. The Consultative Group to Assist the Poor (CGAP), an independent policy and research center […]

World’s End and Internet’s Death ?

In many ways, our society is faced with considerable problems for which no coherent and definitive solution appears. This is not only of France, but in many countries, accustomed for decades to a gradual increase […]

Cisco is having interest in the “Internet of Things”

Cisco Systems announced its intention to redeem Jasper Technologies, a “startup” that connects objects such as cars and medical equipment to the Internet, to 1.25 billion euros, the largest acquisition since 2013 the ‘supplier networks. […]

A New Biometric Payments Card

SmartMetric has developed an amazing new biometric payments card that uses your fingerprint to activate the card’s payment chip. In so doing it has turned the card user into the key that unlocks his or […]

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