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Fraud Protection for Prepaid Cards

The Federal Reserve has issued guidance applying the Customer Identification Program (CIP) to prepaid cards in March of this year. Customers are able to reload prepaid cards, use direct deposit and in some cases, receive […]

Stormshield and Gemalto are securing mobile data exchanges

Stormshield, an Airbus Defence and Space subsidiary, and Gemalto, a digital security expert, are consolidating their partnership in developing a technology to secure end to end connections and exchange of data on all mobile devices. […]

Internet of Things Requires Operational Intelligence

The Internet of Things (IoT) is an extension of the digital connectivity of devices and sensors in homes, businesses, vehicles, everywhere and anywhere. This new market requires that, to be meaningful, any device can generate […]

About the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

More than four years after the European Union started its journey toward new privacy rules, the EU Parliament adopted the final text of the new EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The EU completes the […]

Biometrics will kill the banking passwords

Biometrics is gaining ground everywhere in the financial sector. This technology is a more practical method than memorization of numbers, codes or passwords. With smartphones, the only thing we have to do is show our […]

Volvo introduces virtual car key

No car key, no driving. This simple rule for generations of car drivers is approaching the end of its lifetime. At least for Volvo drivers: The Swedish carmaker plans to offer cars without keys from […]


In 2015, an explosion of virus requiring ransom has occured everywhere. These viruses (malware-ransomware like Cryptolocker or CryptoWall), accounted for nearly $ 20 million ransom and cumulative damage from data loss. This threat has affected […]

Wisway is using NFCs’ticketing for all French Public Transport

RATP (the French Urban transports), SNCF, (French railway company), Gemalto and Orange announce the creation of “Wizway Solutions”, a joint venture dedicated to the development of mobility without contact. Wizway Solutions combines the expertise of […]

Looking for a Secure Online Shopping

The use of e-commerce is slow to progress. Several solutions are available and their continued development is not totally reassuring customers. Among these solutions, the technique of the “token” (technique called “tokenization”) in remote payment […]

Biometric ID card program in West Africa (ECOWAS) for 2016

The Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) includes fifteen West African countries. Founded in 1975, its mission is to promote economic integration in the region. The organization works in three languages: French, English and […]

Finally, Security on the Internet comes !

The Princes who rule the Internet have understood that they should not disappoint Internet users and that effective and quick action must be taken to regain their trust. This is done, almost! Indeed, manufacturers have […]

Internet passwords robbery

In early August 2014, a gang of Russian hackers have collected no less than 1.2 billion IDs and passwords and more than 500 million email addresses. According to Dashlane, personal data discovered by the American […]

Global Mobile Commerce is driving the NFC market

The NFC market is currently witnessing rapid growth driven by the increasing trend of mobile commerce. According to recent studies, growing at 8.83% CAGR, total NFC Market is expected to reach $16.25 Billion by 2022. […]

Biometric Payments with PulseWallet

PulseWallet enables cardless payment by a simple scan of the user’s hand in front of a biometric reader at the point of sale. PulseWallet demonstrates a cardless shopping future, replacing current payment methods with biometrics. […]

Benefits of digital technology and harms in the digital economy

Our daily newspapers are full of praise for digital techniques, which tomorrow, will improve population health, enhance the mind of youth by an extensive effort for remote training, reduce the number of road accidents with […]

NFC Payments on Samsung Mobiles Phones

Credit card company, MasterCard has announced it will enable Commonwealth Bank of Australia customers to load and store payment account credentials on select NFC-enabled Samsung devices. Commonwealth Bank of Australia is the first bank to […]

Vodafone to launch NFC payment service in Europe

Operator group Vodafone has announced an NFC mobile payment service in Spain. The group plans to launch the service at the end of November, with launches in Germany, the Netherlands and the UK to follow. […]

Contactless payments with NFC Orange Cash and Visa Europe

The partnership between Orange and Visa Europe focuses on NFC mobile payments with an opening of this facility to the greatest number of clients. The number of compatible NFC payment terminals has increased by more […]

The Practice of Credit Card Fraud is Decreasing

In Europe, in 2012, Internet sales have generated a turnover of 300 billion Euros, the new internet terminals such as smartphones and tablets giving access to new sales channels. According to ComScore, in December 2012, […]

Fast Development of NFC

According to the Institute Berg Insight, 13 countries were using the electronic portfolio in the early 2013, while there were only six in the end of 2011. If these services are only available to a […]

Cyber Attacks on Companies

The French Academy of Competitive Intelligence notes that companies are much more vulnerable to attacks, they have large amounts of specialized information and that the main goal today is fraudsters hijacking online financial flows from […]

Fast Urban Wi-Fi is expanded in the United Kingdom

The “City” of London is served in unlimited free Wi-Fi through the “The Cloud” Company. It has successfully completed the radio coverage of the Olympic and Paralympics Games in London. “The Cloud” is also giving […]

Internet Security and the fight against cyber attacks

Numerous cyberattacks against U.S. media seem to increase again. Washington wants to adopt new rules governing the powers of the military and intelligence agencies to defend themselves in such cases. The Wall Street Journal, Twitter […]

Where is the Change that was Announced a Year Ago?

If they benefit both great headlines, politics and new technologies differ in duration. You can move to the left or right of information technology, in front or behind progress for all, you can not do […]

Monitoring of customer behavior in supermarkets through RFID

In order to better organize the presentation of the product sales area, a Canadian supermarket has experienced an RFID solution to trace the behavior of customers. The tested Moxie Retail RFID solution can notice the […]

Innovative technology for digital identity

In general, identification is of crucial importance because it highlights the value of each citizen. People receive documents confirming their identity allowing them either to exercise voting rights or to receive a simplified administration, health […]

A T & T is stopping the launch of its Home Security Services in M2M

The U.S. network operator AT & T was preparing the commercial launch of its automation and home security based on M2M technology services. Kevin Peterson, vice president of Digital Life division at A T & […]

RFID helps logistics and production output

With RFID technology, information can be distributed. The concept can be adapted to production companies, transportation and logistics. For example, in the car plants, each car element can be fitted with a RFID chip and […]

The problem of LTE

LTE technology should fit into the existing range of services, but in Europe, but it is unlikely to restore better pricing conditions in the European mobile industry. According to a study by Arthur D. Little […]

Secure Internet filtering

ATHENA Global Services Company, specialized in computer security, markets a solution in the field of proxy servers integrating security functions and filter Internet access. The objective is to secure Internet browsing in any circumstance. Marketed […]

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