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Gemalto and Microsoft facilitate connectivity of devices under Windows 10

In cooperation with Microsoft, Gemalto has upgraded its On Demand Connectivity technology and eSIM for Windows 10-based devices. This version is compatible with the latest specifications and guidelines for remote SIM card management, as validated […]

Safran, exclusive supplier of Vitale cards in France in 2018

Safran Identity & Security has been selected by the SESAM-Vitale GIE as the exclusive supplier for the development, manufacture and personalization of Vitale’s Health Insurance cards. The “Carte Vitale” is the health insurance card of […]

Gemalto Acquires 3M Identity Management

Gemalto, an expert in digital security, entered into an agreement to acquire the Identity Management business of 3M. This includes “3M Cogent”, which provides a full range of biometric solutions for civil identification, border control […]

City Identity cards are used more frequently in the United States

For the last ten years, a dozen US cities have set up services using ID cards and fifteen others are preparing to follow this example. It appears that poor people and immigrants living illegally in […]

Egyptian Parliament Controversy over Identity Cards

The Egyptian Parliament discussed a bill on citizenship, introduced by MP Alaa Abdel Moneim on the abolition on the ID card, of the statement relating to the religion of the holder. The Egyptian Parliament seems […]

Digital identity card relies on the use of standards

Each year, million of identity thefts are made on the web with detrimental consequences for people who have been targeted. According to a recent SafeNet study, identity theft is in first line in the ranking […]

False Identity Documents and Terrorism

The terrorists who struck at Paris have used false identity documents that Belgian police had not detected. The Belgian investigation has dismantled a clandestine Belgian workshop that produced thousands of identity documents for terrorists, criminals […]

Identity card for refugees in FRG

Germany’s cabinet agreed to introduce an identity card for refugees as it tries to better control the wave of migrants arriving from Syria, Afghanistan and other trouble spots. Around one million refugees are expected to […]

Multiple Precautions Address the Problems of Refugees

Following the attacks in Paris, the Secure Identity and Biometrics Association (SIBA) recommends multimodal biometric screening and the use of electronic ID cards in order to meet the concerns raised by terrorist movement refugees. The […]

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