After Brexit: British industry questions the new digital strategy

The economic dynamism of the United Kingdom, as well as that of Europe as a whole, is generally recognized as somewhat slow compared to the United States or Asia. The ambition would be to create […]

Gemalto and Microsoft facilitate connectivity of devices under Windows 10

In cooperation with Microsoft, Gemalto has upgraded its On Demand Connectivity technology and eSIM for Windows 10-based devices. This version is compatible with the latest specifications and guidelines for remote SIM card management, as validated […]

Singapore could Replace London as a Global Hub for FinTech

The decision-making centers of London, Hong Kong, Singapore, Silicon Valley and New York attract dynamic entrepreneurs. Around them, young companies and global innovation centers are agitated. After the Brexit, it seems that the British FinTechs […]

Blood Alcohol Wristband

On the occasion of a party with friends, it is good to know at what level is the blood alcohol level of each one? Do we still have the right to take another drink? The […]

The Zigbee Alliance speaks to Objects in “dotdot” language

The industrial companies of the Internet of Things market and members of the Zigbee Alliance have agreed on the use of the Dotdot communication protocol to make it an universal language usable by all, through […]

Bots and Chatbots, and the click‘s race in 2017!

Language accompanies technology and both evolve constantly. New words appear and woe to those who fail to imbibe the hidden meaning of renewed wordings. Everyone knows the robots, these copies of workers supposed to take […]

The Internet of horses is interested in connected straps

The Sony and SeaverHorse Companies are partnering in an equestrian partnership to develop several straps adapted by sensors to the well-being of horses. Different sensors and electrodes will transmit a certain amount of information to […]

Ultrasound for communication between objects

Devices equipped with the ultrasonic communication system developed by the French company CopSonic pass through a few meters the data thanks to sound waves that the human ear cannot perceive, but that could hear very […]

IC sensors for Internet for Health

To continuously measure the heart rate and the oxygen content which flows in the arteries, a pulse oximeter is used. The pulse oximeter provides a noninvasive checkup because it imposes no injection and requires no […]

The Spy Who Controls The Frozen Food

At the recent event organized by IFA (Internationale Funkausstellung) in Berlin, manufacturers have competed to show a picture of what the future might bring. As part of the smart kitchen, Smarter, a British company proposes […]

Improvement of the manufacturing process of silicon-on insulator (FD-SOI) over 12 nm

After 22 nm launched in 2015, the chipmaker Globalfoundries launches the actual manufacturing FD-SOI 12nm components process, which will be available from 2019 for the Internet of Things and 5G. The FD-SOI technology was developed […]

Biometric Tech and Mobile Virtual Credentials

Electronic passports will peak by 2022, only to be replaced by virtual credentials, according to a new report from Acuity Market Intelligence. That same trend applies to all smart, biometric credentials including national ID cards […]

IoT and Gastronomy: The Internet of Things will monitor the growth of oysters

Global warming is responsible for a number of threats in particular on the production and trade of shellfish. In recent years, the shellfish industry and crustaceans in the Washington State lost almost $ 270 million […]

The Blockchain as a State Service

The US state of Delaware, known worldwide for its tax advantages for companies, proposes to experienced Blockchain technology in terms of administrative procedures. Are especially targeted all deeds of companies, as well as actions relating […]

The sensors and the Internet

Very soon, the evolution of the Internet will lead to the massive opening of new applications geared towards the Internet of Things. The future of technology, technical and scientific research, commercial activities and investment rely […]

The Internet of Sensors starts in Europe

The “IoSense” European project began in Dresden, Germany, on the Infineon Technologies company’s site. IoSense is a 3-year R & D project with a budget of 65 million euros. It led by 33 partners from […]

Public Procurement of Smart Cards and Global Trends

According to a study by Technavio, a research and technology consulting company, the global market for smart cards in the public domain is concentrated in targeted areas. Worldwide, facility of usage and security level offered […]

Data Security Demands Are Stifling Innovation for Many Firms

Data security and data privacy have become such top-level concerns at many organizations that daily tasks around them are crowding out the ability to pursue technology innovation. That is one of the findings of a […]

Evolution of vehicle technology and its consequences

The collision avoidance technology and driving support software (ADAS, advanced driver assist systems) will profoundly change our lives. The LIDAR process (Light Detection And Ranging) is a technology that measures the distance by illuminating a […]

Progress in the adoption of LoRa wireless technology

Long distance communication and low consumption architectures (LPWA, Low Power Wide Area), progress with the adoption of the LoRa technology. In the Netherlands, KPN network operator has entered an agreement with Mobilock, the company that […]

A European Cloud for the Project “Industries of the Future”

The European Commission intends to act quickly and effectively with a budget of 50 billion euros for the establishment of a real European Industrial Strategy. Avoiding fratricidal conflicts between different national plans such as the […]

The Internet of Things in the Farm

The Green Internet is offering a range services, such as a market place, a financing platform, sensors, an operating system and a digital farming village. Agriconomie Website is a commercial site that sells fertilizer, seeds […]

World’s End and Internet’s Death ?

In many ways, our society is faced with considerable problems for which no coherent and definitive solution appears. This is not only of France, but in many countries, accustomed for decades to a gradual increase […]

Cellular Connectivity for Connected Objects

MediaTek and Orange are offering dedicated IoT platforms integrating cellular connectivity ready for use, thus meeting an ever increasing demand for connecting objects and devices everywhere. The offer is aimed at professionals and target areas […]

Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things on the road

Always smarter, the car of tomorrow will not need a driver and will be autonomous, with increasing safety and comfort. The improvement will come from the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) in driving. After the […]

Smartphones and Internet of Things to Help Prevent Diabetic Amputations

Diabetic neuropathy is a type of nerve damage associated with the development of foot ulcers in patients with diabetes. Resulting from anatomical deformation, excessive pressure and poor blood supply, it affects over 130 million individuals […]

Fraud proof credit cards using quantum physics

Using a system based on quantum physics, dubbed Quantum Secure Authentication, it is possible to make credit cards and ID cards fraud proof, say researchers from Eindhoven University of Technology and UT research institute MESA+. According […]

A difficult task awaits Apple over the next six months

Apple’s ambitions put the company at a relatively heavy agenda in 2015. Apple watch defies chonique and Apple must find a place for it either in the jewelry and luxury boutiques or in the horlorgeries. […]

“Enterprise Immune System” Technology is integrated into the BT security offering

BT incorporates the technology developed by Darktrace company specialized in the cyber defense sector. In this way, BT will have on the overall world map, the new generation of cyber intelligence and cyber threat detection. […]

Fujitsu Biometric Identity Multi-factor Verification

Fujitsu currently markets a multi-factor identity verification device, called “PalmSecure ID Match.” This device is designed to meet a variety of security-sensitive applications, including those in the financial, retail, social security and other public services. […]

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