ST focus on MEMS sensors fitness and compass functions

STMicroelectronics markets a high-precision development kit for biometric wearable devices. This kit includes a SensorTile multi-sensor module and a Valencell Benchmark biometric detection system. The combination of these two technologies makes it possible to have […]

GSMA security accreditation for eSIM subscription management from Gemalto

Gemalto, expert in digital security, has succeeded in the GSMA Security Accreditation Scheme (SAS) certification for Subscription Management (GSMA SAS-SM), thereby providing MNOs with exacting standards of protection for sensitive data in M2M and IoT […]

LTE and 5G infrastructure to hit $32 billion by 2020

According to the recently published analysis by RnRMarketResearch agency, investment in LTE and 5G infrastructure of wireless network technology should represent a global market of $ 32 billion. This figure includes spending on distributed macrocells, […]

Strong Growth for “Diameter Signaling” with LTE Uptake

“Diameter” is a signaling protocol defined by RFC 3588 standard as part of the AAA protocols which are performing three functions: authentication, authorization and accounting / Auditing. This is the Diameter protocol, which, at the […]

Voice and M2M data on the road, a running service!

Chevrolet (or Chevy) subsidiary of the American company General Motors, has reduced the prices of its 4G data services because of growing competition that occurs on the connected car market. Monthly prices for data transfer […]

Connecting M2M To The Car

The mobile operators Association, the GSMA, has announced that automobile manufacturers have adopted the specifications for embedded SIM cards. Over a twenty automotive manufacturers, including General Motors, Jaguar Land Rover, Renault Nissan, Volvo and Scania […]

Hacking the Internet of Things

In a recent study, HP discussed the security issues related to the Internet of Things and HP gives advices on the collection of these data, their encryption and storage. The HP study focused on Internet […]

Very robust MEM Tags for traceability

The Australian company Bluechiip and STMicroelectronics announced the mass production of traceability labels jointly developed. Based on the technology of micro-electromechanical systems MEMS from ST, these products will be able to respond to a commercial […]

A German company will conduct testing robustness of Chinese cars

All around the world, the standards are designed to provide more security for artifacts. It is the same for cars, for which the standards require endurance tests increasingly severe. China Automotive Engineering Research Institute Co. […]

Driving Licenses for Robots ?

After the Google ‘s California experience (more than one million miles without human assistance on a path of 3200 km signposted road), evidence has been provided that robots can drive cars without accident. But American […]

M2M is offering a new way of driving

Electronics now drains 90% of innovation in the automotive industry. And this is the M2M (the communicative technology from machine to machine) that will change the way we see the car and also the way […]

Centenary of urban traffic lights

Electric traffic lights are going to celebrate their 100th anniversary. They have allowed the establishment of alternating movement of vehicles and pedestrians at street intersections and traffic car regulation gave them an almost universal worldwide […]

New Industrial Sensors

A research entity of the Fraunhofer Institute, the CESMA, is using adaptive materials that react to external factors such as magnetic or electrostatic fields. These materials can therefore be used as DES (dielectric elastomer sensors) […]

Development of new sensors

The Internet of Things and machine to machine communications are massively using sensors. In fact, these sensors are devices that transform the state of a physical entity into a voltage value or electric current in […]

Driving with M2M

New cars are now using a lot of electronics and of machine to machine communication technology (M2M). The way of driving will be eventually modified accordingly. The phone came into cars in 1946 with the […]

IoT illuminates the streets intelligently

British companies Technology Partnership (TTP) and Mayflower Company have conducted a smart public lighting system in Hampshire. From a command center connected to a wireless network, the Hampshire council is able to remotely control more […]

European Big Data and M2M at the crossroad

The basis of “Machine to Machine” (M2M) Communication is to enable autonomous interaction systems, both for the intelligent power distribution (smart grids), automotive sector (car to car communication) or automated trading. Control of these systems is […]

International networks dedicated to M2M and IoT

The mobile network operators dream to implement network dedicated to the Internet of Things (IoT) from their LTE networks in order to generate new revenue on their 4G spectrum, but things are more complex. Because […]

The IoT and the M2M economy

Network operators must define the role they intend to play in the ecosystem of the IoT (Internet of Things). It is about connecting billions of objects, cars, utility meters, television receivers and even household items […]

MEMS Sensors for Airbags

Bosch’s latest generation of acceleration sensors makes developing airbag systems easier. With versions for use in the airbag control unit and versions for peripheral use in the vehicle’s front, sides, and rear, the SMA6xy sensor […]

The IoT is interested in the Health Sector

The IEEE Standards Association and MEMS Industry Group trade association have signed a memorandum of understanding to establish a Working Group to develop standards for e-health and the Internet of things (IoT). Previous collaboration between […]

New ST MEMS accelerometers designs

MEMs Accelerometers are micro-electromechanical elements that are very simple in design and have become indispensable in the automotive, computer and audio-video technologies. An accelerometer is an electromechanical device which measures acceleration forces which may be […]

CES 2014 finally unveils connected cars

Several French and foreign companies showcased at CES 2014 Las Vegas early achievements of connected cars. The company Inrix XD secures the use of mobile embedded applications on several car models. Inrix targeted new technologies […]

Standards for Embedded M2M SIM Cards

The GSMA has published the specifications of the radio remote management of devices integrated in machine to machine (M2M) SIM cards. The use of traditional SIM card requires the insertion and replacement thereof in the […]

First dedicated cellular Network for the Internet of Things

Telit Wireless Solutions and SIGFOX companies are developing the first European cellular network entirely dedicated to narrowband communications machine-to-machine (M2M) and Internet of Things (IoT). UNB (Ultra Narrow Band) technology from SIGFOX allows the use […]

Killing the Internet of Things by Excessive Security

“There’s a certain amount of panic around the Internet of Things, that you need maximum security or not do it at all,” said Prof. Jon Howes, Technology Director at Cambridge-based Beecham Research and author of […]

The M2M market get organized

The communications market of Machine to Machine (M2M) sector becomes increasingly important in the world of information and communication technologies. In general, the area of M2M connects remote sensing and monitoring the movement of the […]

Internet of Things’Specificity Requires Qualified Experts

The Internet of Things (IoT) includes diverse devices and diverse communications flows, many of which beeing in the machine-to- machine (M2M) range. The consulting firm Gartner defines IoT as a network that contains the embedded […]

IPv6 Mesh Network for a British M2M Project

The British SMIP project (Smart Meter Implementation Programme) is dealing with a comprehensive national infrastructure to control the consumption of gas and electricity in UK. The meters network that will be associated in 2020 to […]

Social networks and M2M convergence will stimulate the Internet of Things

According to a study written by ABI Research, it seems that the strength of social networks could enhance business strategies for M2M. These perspectives come from the observation made on the internal social networks for […]

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