Gemalto mobile payment on smart wearable devices

Gemalto provides an applet secure element for smart handheld connected devices (or “wearables”) launched by China Union Pay (CUP), a leading payment associations in the world. The smart handheld devices (wearables) are gaining popularity worldwide. […]

China UnionPay Launches Mobile Payment Solution

China UnionPay (CUP), the world’s largest bank cards issuer, enters the mobile payment space by launching QuickPass in Beijing in cooperation with over 20 commercial banks. QuickPass is powered by contactless payment technologies centered on […]

Wisway is using NFCs’ticketing for all French Public Transport

RATP (the French Urban transports), SNCF, (French railway company), Gemalto and Orange announce the creation of “Wizway Solutions”, a joint venture dedicated to the development of mobility without contact. Wizway Solutions combines the expertise of […]

The Wide Range of the RFID Offering

The RFID industry is evolving and deployments are improving and diversifying every year. Among the latest award-winning applications, we note that DIRECTV uses RFID to count 200,000 of broadcast equipment parts, which significantly reduces the […]

Partnership between China Mobile Selects Gemalto for public transport applications

Gemalto, an expert in digital security, has been selected by China Mobile to offer UpTeq NFC solution for users of SIM cards. The goal is to protect the credentials in mobile contactless applications consumers. This […]

Economic Assumptions about the Launch of the iPhone 6

The spectacular commercial launch of the iPhone 6 is accompanied by a wave of many assumptions about the evolution of the ICT market. Indeed, the Apple most likely choice is based on deep technical reasons […]

Global Mobile Commerce is driving the NFC market

The NFC market is currently witnessing rapid growth driven by the increasing trend of mobile commerce. According to recent studies, growing at 8.83% CAGR, total NFC Market is expected to reach $16.25 Billion by 2022. […]

A Mobile NFC electronic wallet for Apple?

Gradually, as we approach from the commercial launch of iPhone6 (announced on September 9 in the United States), it seems that Apple is decided to attract new customers by software and services, rather to a […]

NTT DoCoMo adapts the NFC with Gemalto in Japan

NTT DoCoMo, the first mobile operator in Japan with 63 million subscribers, has chosen to introduce NFC in its mobile services. On this occasion, Gemalto will help NTT DoCoMo to develop services providing solutions for […]

Will Ultrasound Compete with NFCs ?

A young Israeli society, develops technology short-distance communication using sound waves in the treble, which is able to be an alternative to NFC. Ultrasounds are only used for identification and authentication of devices involved. […]

The benefits of Hosted Card Emulation in mobile payments

NFC Transaction security was formerly based on the Secure Element (SE, USIM Secured Element) content in the mobile terminal. To strengthen the security, it was proposed to use the Hosted Card Emulation (HCE). The HCE […]

Visa Contactless Wristbands for Payments with CaixaBank

One of Spain’s leading banks – CaixaBank – announced the launch of a new Visa wristband that enables users to make contactless payments at merchant outlets, in a seamless manner. So far widespread use of […]

Connecting Wi-Fi Networks with NFC Authentication

The trade group the Wi Fi Alliance has announced an update to the specifications for its Wi Fi Certified program to include NFC authentication. Users will then be able to connect devices certified for this […]

Mobile ID – a promising approach for use in governmental and private sector

More than a billion electronic documents, such as eID cards featuring contactless functionality, have been deployed around the world. ABI Research reports more than 500 million NFC-enabled mobile handsets will be shipped in 2014. The […]

New Prepaid Cards around the World

8pip Bitcoin Singapore

Prepaid cards are becoming popular with those who either don’t have a bank account or have suffered some financial setbacks. Today many prepaid card features either match or even surpass other payment solutions. They are […]

Smart air luggage

Air France KLM is planning to offer to its customers the location of their luggage in real time thanks to a dual system: an electronic tag associated with a “tracker” GPS and Bluetooth communication system […]

Payment Methods in Fast Food Chains

All the food chains really have one basic aim in mind: to serve the quickest. For this, they go to any lengths to be the fastest and move ahead in competition. With payments being crucial […]

New NFC Services in Orange

After the launch in last September of its NFC Service Center platform, Orange extends its range of NFC services to professionals and SMEs to make their media interactive communication involving flashcodes or NFC tags. With […]

RFID or NFC facing Standards Evolution

Large organisations that have to secure sprawling premises and large buildings are currently working with access solutions that come with RFID as standard. However, there are a number of reasons to question existing identification solutions: […]

NFC Apps of the Future

Near-field communications has been touted as the next big thing for mobile payment, in retail stores to replace contactless credit cards, for transport applications, or to pair devices for quick configuration or promotional data exchanges. […]

NFC Antenna for Very Flat Smartphones

Grupo Premo has prepared a very small NFC antenna for slim PDA. This antenna and its associated mounting improve the communication distance for applications of near field communication (NFC) such as cashless payment distance, physical […]

NFC device connects any electrical device through RFID

At the upcoming “Embedded World Conference 2014”, held next week in Nuremberg, STMicroelectronics will unveil its development platform designed for its dynamic NFC M24SR tags. An enabler for device interaction, the M24SR discovery kit contains […]

Mobile Contactless Payment comes into Play

In partnership with Visa, Orange has opened the ” Orange Cash ” service. This service allows you to pay for small purchases with a mobile terminal with the help of NFC (Near Field Communication) . […]

The NFC Issue: A Matter of Time?

NFC technology (Near Field Communications) has a relatively slow throughput in transactions systems transit compared to contactless cards. However, a significant percentage of the transit ticket will soon be using NFC mobile phones and the […]

NFC Payments on Samsung Mobiles Phones

Credit card company, MasterCard has announced it will enable Commonwealth Bank of Australia customers to load and store payment account credentials on select NFC-enabled Samsung devices. Commonwealth Bank of Australia is the first bank to […]

Adoption of NFC : Obstacles in the United States and Proposed Solutions in Hong Kong

The Federal Reserve Bank of Boston published last June a summary of the meeting of the working group on the mobile payments industry (MPIW). The report outlines a number of reasons why NFC has not […]

Vodafone to launch NFC payment service in Europe

Operator group Vodafone has announced an NFC mobile payment service in Spain. The group plans to launch the service at the end of November, with launches in Germany, the Netherlands and the UK to follow. […]

Nearly one billion contactless cards delivered in 2013

On the occasion of “Cartes Secure Connections Event 2013”, the Eurosmart association representing the smart card Industry, provided some figures on this activity. The annual growth of this market is about 7 %. Nearly 7.2 […]

Introducing the Smart and Simple NFC Isis Mobile Wallet

ISIS Smartphone Wallet

The latest version of the Isis mobile wallet service has been launched across the US, following 18 months of testing in Texas and Utah by AT&T, T-Mobile USA and Verizon Wireless. This country-wide rollout is […]

Contactless payments with NFC Orange Cash and Visa Europe

The partnership between Orange and Visa Europe focuses on NFC mobile payments with an opening of this facility to the greatest number of clients. The number of compatible NFC payment terminals has increased by more […]

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