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Are ICTs at the service of democracy?

Going to Digital simplifies tasks and is reducing staffing costs. The Internet and the information and communication technologies (ICT) that are attached to these fixed and mobile links facilitate life, for those who know it […]

Personal liability and “secure tunnel” for sensitive data

The transmission of sensitive data is sanctioned by the HIPAA Privacy and Security Rules. The perpetrator of this type of offense and his / her employer risk a large fine because the sensitive data often […]

The Web in 2016: performances and protocol extension

According to Akamai Technologies, expert in content delivery network services (CDN), the average Internet connection speed worldwide increased by 14% in 2016. Its study report, entitled “Akamai Intelligent Platform” presents a series of statistics relating […]

Progress of 4G / LTE mobile technology

LTE (Long Term Evolution) technology is often referred as” 4G” for marketing purposes. The LTE represents an advance in the flow of cellular networks, but the term “evolution” reminds us that progress is still awaited. […]

Deutsche Telekom warns against possible routing piracy

The German network operator claims that 900,000 fixed broadband customers out of 12.8 million have experienced connection problems. It is possible that on this occasion nearly a million broadband routers were pirated. Deutsche Telekom said […]

About the recent Bluetooth 5 standard

The Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) has officially adopted Bluetooth 5 as the latest version of the Bluetooth core specification. Key updates to Bluetooth 5 include longer range, faster speed, and larger broadcast message capacity, […]

RED MINT markets its real-time network data inspection solution with Big Data and Open Data integration

The business applications in the company are numerous and new uses multiply them (ByoD, IoT). The Internet of Things will further increase this trend over the next few years. Having a real understanding of these […]

The Internet, as element of the technical evolution, is changing the social and political context

Twenty-five years ago, we applauded the emergence of this cheap global network linking the five continents with the same transport protocol for voice, data and image. It has become both the vector and the symbol […]

Internet of Bus and Trucks

Driving in urban environments is particularly challenging for the electronic brains of an autonomous vehicle: Tunnels confront the cameras with changing lighting conditions. If the vehicle is a bus with a length of 40 ft, […]

Attack on 900,000 Deutsche Telekom users

In the afternoon of 27 November 2016, Internet connection difficulties, slowing down or stopping throughput were recorded in Germany in approximately 900,000 Deutsche Telekom subscribers. It appears that the router suffered an external attack that […]

The Internet of Birds

The Internet of Things, which represents the extension of the Internet to things and places in the physical world, will be connecting nearly 150 billion objects or people by the year 2025. In parallel with […]

Small Cell Forum pushes network virtualisation for 5G, IoT

Small cell virtualization will be a key enabler of 5G HetNets, enterprise services and the Internet of Things (IoT), offering significant benefits including scalability, agility, cost reduction and network slicing. To this end, the Small […]

London phone booths replaced with WiFi kiosks

Following a partnership between BT and the specialist in digital media, Intersection, ad-funded LinkUK will open high bitrate Wi-Fi kiosks in London to replace the old phone booths. This public free-of-charge Wi-Fi is in the […]

IoT Official and Proprietary Standards

Driven by dynamic and ambitious industrialists, Internet of Things technology with low consumption and long radio range (LPWA) has recently been the subject of successive announcements. The GSMA has approved, with the 3GPP, standardization of […]

Vodafone develops NB-IoT technology

Vodafone announced that it will begin launching its narrowband Internet of Things (NB-IoT) networks in Germany, Ireland, Netherlands, Spain during the first quarter of 2017. Vodafone aims to roll out NB-IoT across its entire footprint […]

LTE and 5G infrastructure to hit $32 billion by 2020

According to the recently published analysis by RnRMarketResearch agency, investment in LTE and 5G infrastructure of wireless network technology should represent a global market of $ 32 billion. This figure includes spending on distributed macrocells, […]

Strong Growth for “Diameter Signaling” with LTE Uptake

“Diameter” is a signaling protocol defined by RFC 3588 standard as part of the AAA protocols which are performing three functions: authentication, authorization and accounting / Auditing. This is the Diameter protocol, which, at the […]

The Challenge of the 5G’s Marathon

A triple competition (technical, economic and political) is open between Europe, Asia and North America on the implementation plan of the “5G”. Who will be the most technically astute and will be the most able […]

More Than Half of Mobile Requests are Now IPv6 based

A mobile IPv6 network milestone was passed last week as Facebook and Akamai reported that more than half the requests from the four largest U.S. mobile networks were IPv6-based. IPv6 was used in around 70 […]

Are we heading towards a slowdown in demand for digital?

Saturated by offers from the Web, citizens seem somewhat reducing their consumption of digital applications. The average download speed is now close to 50 Mbs in the United States and 29 Mbs in the UK. […]

Fraud and insecurity in mobile communications

The specialized Working Group on Fraud and insecurity of the GSM Association (FASG) was created to study the problems related to technology GSM networks, with the objective of increasing the level of protection. FASG provides […]

The Blockchain as a State Service

The US state of Delaware, known worldwide for its tax advantages for companies, proposes to experienced Blockchain technology in terms of administrative procedures. Are especially targeted all deeds of companies, as well as actions relating […]

Can we refuse the Internet ?

Despite its imperfections, the Internet enters into our lives! Can we refuse this movement? ? Each one combines Internet in one’s way. Our British friends have adopted it without hesitation; with its entire range of […]

For or against the closure Dark Net Access ?

According to a new Ipsos poll conducted in 24 countries commissioned by the Centre for International Governance and Innovation (CIGI), 70% of citizens would like the closure of access to the “Dark Net”. The Dark […]

Illegal access to Internet

The Lebanese Telecommunications Minister fired the alarm after the recent discovery of several illegal telecommunication networks scattered in Lebanon without the knowledge of the government. These illegal networks threaten the security of the State, since […]

The end of the Old Networks

The telephone network circuit-switched (our brave old PSTN) will disappear after more than a century of existence and its end is scheduled for 2024. For France, step by step extinctions will be announced from 2021. […]

Safety Reflector for Pedestrians gets Connected to IoT

VTT Technical Research Centre (Espoo, Finland) and safety reflector company Coreplast Laitila (Laitila, Finland) have collaborated to create a smart reflector that can be wirelessly controlled via a mobile phone application. When a pedestrian is […]

Research identifies IoT security concerns

The Internet of Things is in danger of becoming a denial of service (DoS) threat, according to a new report from Information service Neustar, which warns that security is the top concern among senior IT […]

LoRa is associating M2M to the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things and innumerable M2M applications open new perspectives in the world of telecoms. Bouygues Telecom is setting up a network for the Internet of Things, based on a competing M2M technology to […]

The HTTP protocol is not suitable for IoT

HTTP belongs to the old Internet. The world of the Internet of Things (IoT) is for small devices that require only very small interactions and consume very little power. An HTTP request uses complex headers […]

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