Universal access to information communications technology: Mood and stress-related challenges

Moods are essential to how people experience the world. When moods become disturbed or when people are very stressed the consequences can be profound and accompanied by considerable distress. Their ability to accurately judge others […]

Emergency Call Standards (911 and 112 Services)

In IP protocol networks, it has been agreed, for emergency calls, to set up special infrastructures so that the public can transmit text, images, videos and data from the terminal used to the 9-1- 1 […]

The Web in 2016: performances and protocol extension

According to Akamai Technologies, expert in content delivery network services (CDN), the average Internet connection speed worldwide increased by 14% in 2016. Its study report, entitled “Akamai Intelligent Platform” presents a series of statistics relating […]

Gemalto responds to requests from Swedish Tax Agency

Gemalto Company, expert in digital security, has just signed a multi-year contract with Skatteverket, the Swedish Tax Authority, for the provision of an eGov authentication platform for online services, electronic identity cards and a complete […]

The Data Protection Dilemma

Enterprises of every size and in every industry around the globe are producing more data than ever before. At the same time, there is a greater demand for access to this information. From business intelligence […]

The Future of the Internet of Medical Objects

Cybersecurity spending on connected medical devices remains low, but according to ABI Research they are expected to triple by 2021. The Internet of Medical Objects aims to transform healthcare through intelligent devices. However, its future […]

Attack on 900,000 Deutsche Telekom users

In the afternoon of 27 November 2016, Internet connection difficulties, slowing down or stopping throughput were recorded in Germany in approximately 900,000 Deutsche Telekom subscribers. It appears that the router suffered an external attack that […]

A strange and new Chinese regulation

Though ostensibly designed to strengthen local networks against malicious hackers, in fact a new law will soon affect both domestic and foreign firms operating on the Chinese mainland. This step backwards for innovation in China […]

HID Global present its High Secure Citizen ID Cards

HID Global technologies that have been featured in its customers’ award-winning national passport and ID card programs are now commercially available in one of the world’s most secure citizen ID cards. HID Global uses patented […]

Bitcoins stolen

Hackers have stolen 120,000 bitcoins (65 million US dollars) to Bitfiness, the third principal place of Bitcoins exchange. Immediately, the bitcoin rate fell more than 20% in a week, which resulted in a sharp decline […]

SmartMetric enhances mobile security using biometrics

SmartMetric, creator of biometric credit card, has successfully integrated inside the card, a powerful fingerprint scanner. The company improves the biometric card technology for the benefit of mobile security and identity check. SmartMetric has developed […]

Are mobile networks ready for the IoT?

According to a study prepared by Telecoms.com Intelligence, two thirds of those responsible for the telecommunications industry believe that the current infrastructure of mobile networks is not suitable for the IoT. The study, which is […]

Gemalto mobile payment on smart wearable devices

Gemalto provides an applet secure element for smart handheld connected devices (or “wearables”) launched by China Union Pay (CUP), a leading payment associations in the world. The smart handheld devices (wearables) are gaining popularity worldwide. […]

Barclays supports INTERPOL in combating cybercrime

A new agreement between INTERPOL and Barclays marks an important development in public-private partnerships to more effectively combat cybercrime. Barclays will become the first financial institution to have staff working full-time alongside police and other […]

Beware of Cybercrim !

According to the annual report from Symantec, cybercrime is very active in France. Our country has gone in one year from 14th to 9th place with a ranking in which dominate China, the US and […]

For or against the closure Dark Net Access ?

According to a new Ipsos poll conducted in 24 countries commissioned by the Centre for International Governance and Innovation (CIGI), 70% of citizens would like the closure of access to the “Dark Net”. The Dark […]

Hypocrisy Blows on Mobile Terminals

Japan’s Corp Sun, with the help of one of its Israeli subsidiaries Cellebrite, helped the FBI to unlock the iPhone 5C mobile terminal used by one of the authors of the massacre that had killed […]

Illegal access to Internet

The Lebanese Telecommunications Minister fired the alarm after the recent discovery of several illegal telecommunication networks scattered in Lebanon without the knowledge of the government. These illegal networks threaten the security of the State, since […]

Fingerprint Scannners

Refugees in Germany have been issued with a special refugee identity card or “proof of arrival” since 28 January 2016. The registration of refugees is being carried out using a new system that will gradually […]

Cybersecurity in 2016

The information security risk must be managed as a financial deal, a commercial reputation or a legal issue. Too often, a company’s management understands the gravity of the situation only after a data breach. The […]

Fingerprint Sensor Market Growth Continues Upward Trajectory

Fingerprint sensors, used primarily for mobile device login and payment security systems, have become an expected feature in high end smartphones and, to a lesser extent, in tablets and notebook computers. Led by Apple’s iPhone […]

New Intel chips feature anti-hacker tech

Chipmaker Intel has announced its 6th-generation Intel Core vPro processor family, which now features the company’s Authenticate – a hardware-enhanced multifactor authentication solution that strengthens identity protection. The latest iteration of Intel Core vPro processors […]

Security of contactless payment

Ease of use has not been consistent with effective security. German hackers have just confirmed this rule by reporting flaws in two protocols used in card payment systems. In principle, contactless payment has attractive assets. […]

Detection of intruders in the network

The SAS software SAS Cybersecurity is the indispensable defense system to fight against cybercriminals. It detects the most critical threat posed by hackers already present in the network, through billions of daily events comb, looking […]

A wireless authentication for IoT

STMicroelectronics and ClevX, a company specialized in the development of IP technologies for mobile and portable storage devices, are marketing encrypted mobile storage system which is secured by DataLock with user authentication made by a […]

Towards an obligation to secure data in Europe

After United Kingdom and the Netherlands which incite starting from  the1th of January 2016 all companies to protect their data and to notify within 72 hours any serious data breach, the whole business in Europe […]

Biometrics for the mobile banking services

Biometrics is gaining ground in the financial sector. It ensures the identification of the customer based on different biological characteristics before allowing connection to the application. Two modes of biometrics have been widely developed, fingerprint […]

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