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Emergency Call Standards (911 and 112 Services)

In IP protocol networks, it has been agreed, for emergency calls, to set up special infrastructures so that the public can transmit text, images, videos and data from the terminal used to the 9-1- 1 […]

New E-Verify proposal with biometric data

An E-Verify bill designed to expand the employment verification program nationwide has been introduced. This bill, if enacted, would make all employers in the United States participate in E-Verify, with respect to all employees, whether […]

Biometry seems to have a bright future

In its “Sensors for Biometry and Recognition 2016 Report”, Yole Développement expects dominant fingerprint technology to give place progressively to multimodal solutions. But the most striking finding from the market research firm is that the […]

Creation of a new Industry Specification Group for Smart Cities applications in ETSI

ETSI (Sophia Antipolis, France) has announced the creation of a new Industry Specification Group on cross-sector Context Information Management (ISG CIM) for smart cities applications and beyond. Every sensor measurement, every entry in a database, […]

Requests for ransom in the medical field

Health organizations are aware of the ubiquitous piracy threats to their information systems. This threat brings into play their efforts and reputation for compliance. Ransom demands are changing the way health care organizations are now […]

Dossier Technologique 10 – Electronic Health: concepts and achievements in 2017

Electronics was introduced in the medical field in 1915 with radioscopy (Marie Curie) and the electrocardiogram was transmitted by telephone in 1920. Today, remote medical applications (telemedicine) are developing thanks to the performance of technologies […]

Science, Culture, Education and Digital Technologies

In the incoming years, the global Internet network will replace the old switched telephone networks created by the former National PTT Administrations. The Internet is the result of the combined efforts of industrialists from around […]

Centralized ID database scares the French

The project of a personal database common to passports and national identity cards, linked to a single file, called “Secure Electronic Securities” (TES), should be put in force. This new database should gather all information […]

Support to the principle of Biometric Identification Card in Mauritius

Legal authorities of Mauritius confirmed the validity of the biometric ID card and have rejected calls that were made in front of the Court. The Law Lords also corrected an inconsistency in the judgment at […]

The IoT-Car, a car without steering wheel and without pedals

The achievements of the IoT materialize faster than schedule. Why one should still pass the driving license control, as the autonomous car without steering wheel or pedals, will soon be available? In fact, the competition […]

Progression of autonomous driving vehicles

According to a study prepared by IHS, the US is currently placed ahead of the deployment of autonomous driving vehicles. Japan is progressing in terms of the industrial coordination and China remains a vast potential […]

UK Smart Cities realization is in trouble

“The standards are not sufficient to implement large projects.” That’s the conclusion of a report from Lucy Zodion, a street lighting design and manufacturing firm, which found that 80% of the 187 councils in the […]

Insurance for Driverless Car

Adrian Flux, a British insurance company that has long specialized in hard-to-insure vehicles, now specifically covers driverless features, beginning with today’s stalwarts, like automatic braking and extending to tomorrow’s, like lane changing and self-navigation. It’s one of […]

The French Post opens the IoT’s Academy

The IoT accelerator program project, called “French IoT”, launched by La Poste in 2015, continues this year with the combination of four large industrial groups and the integration of 16 start-up companies into the “IoT […]

Progress in the adoption of LoRa wireless technology

Long distance communication and low consumption architectures (LPWA, Low Power Wide Area), progress with the adoption of the LoRa technology. In the Netherlands, KPN network operator has entered an agreement with Mobilock, the company that […]

IoT smart city video security solution offers ‘security without surveillance’

Sensity Systems Inc. (Sunnyvale, CA ) has collaborated with Genetec Inc. (Montreal, Canada) to offer an advanced IoT public safety and video security solution that is integrated with LED lighting. Kansas City, Missouri, USA will […]

The Seniors and the Internet

The openness of the Internet for old people is a key theme. It makes sense to encourage all French Internet use in any occasion and to further open the market to an audience of retirees […]

Internet of Things in the Home: What for ?

Network entertainment applications are the stepping stone to a broader home Internet of Things (IoT) experience, even as consumers remain skeptical of the value proposition behind the home Internet of Things, wary of their cost […]

Safety Reflector for Pedestrians gets Connected to IoT

VTT Technical Research Centre (Espoo, Finland) and safety reflector company Coreplast Laitila (Laitila, Finland) have collaborated to create a smart reflector that can be wirelessly controlled via a mobile phone application. When a pedestrian is […]

Regulation and technological development

According to WHO, each year, road accidents worldwide kills about 1.3 million people and injure 40 times (between 25 and 50 million injured, especially young people aged 15-29 years). To remedy the unreasonable use of […]

Identification card without photo or Identity control through the Smartphone?

The US Senate must solve the following problem with a Senate Committee of the State of Indiana. Indiana Amish population cannot accept, for religious reasons, to be photographed. As a result, these people do not […]

Planning relations between European Electronic Government Administrations

The European Commission has released the 2015 version of the eGovernment factsheets for each of the 28 EU Member States. These documents provide a comprehensive overview of digital management activities recommended among member countries and […]

Russia is studying a mandatory biometric registration

Political Russian Party LDPR has drafted a bill that would obligate all citizens to submit fingerprinting and DNA profiling on a biometric ID Card, in order to improve security. It also suggests that a new […]

Chinese Smart Cards

Digital enters into the life of the Chinese. Beijing has already issued more than 15 million social security cards and more than 70 million municipal transport cards. At the same time, the number of identification […]

Municipal ID cards in New York

Hundreds of people came to register for the municipal ID program of the City of New York (NYID Card). This measure applies to anyone over 13 years old residing in the city which is likely […]

Afghanistan’s Digital Future

The new government of Afghanistan has not yet decided on the timing of entering new biometric identity cards in operation. The project is born in 2010 and came after the episodes of violence that followed […]

Subcutaneous implant as an identity card

An original experiment is taking place in Sweden. The 400 employees of an office agreed to be implanted with a microchip under the skin to facilitate their activities and business trips. No more ID card […]

ITU Launches \Ebola-Info-Sharing\ Mobile Application

The ITU has launched a free mobile Application to be used in the campaign against the Ebola disease outbreak. The “Ebola-Info-Sharing” mobile App facilitates coordination among organizations responding to the Ebola crisis and offers the […]

Child safety

The safety of children is at the heart of the work of bodies of ISO and IEC, is a major concern for the company because the child and adolescent injuries are a major cause of […]

The Identity Card under ICT Indian Ministry Authority

The Indian Aadhaar Numbering System is used to establish proof of identity and address of citizens. Aadhaar is a 12-digit number used for the digital ID. It is issued by the administration as part of […]

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