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A Highly desired Identity Card in Nigeria

The new ID-Card is expected since the last four years. It should allow the vote on the other hand, it must also open up access to social services and banking MasterCard services, organization participating in […]

Religions and electronic ID card

Technical progress is hampered in several countries of the world by religious beliefs. The distribution of the electronic identity card is sometimes questioned or delayed in some countries for these reasons. In Indonesia, India or […]

About the scope and role of the identity card

The question is no longer focusing on the need of an ID card, which is opposed to the British “habeas corpus” principle, but on its scope (the city, the nation or the region of the […]

Simplified electronic driving license

Under present conditions, France is already living beyond its “environmental needs” and must therefore make savings. Consequently, the French government reversed its decision to generalize the driving license in the form of a “credit card” […]

Collaboration between education and the Internet of Things

The technological evolution led to the opening of new teaching methods based on collaborative processes. The level of connectivity offered by the Internet of Things (IoT) allows to enrich the learning process for students worldwide. […]

Digital identity in question in the United States

To communicate its Internet address or its phone number does not pose problems for Americans. But using an electronic ID card is deeply shocking. Yet the paradox is there. If the Americans have several debit […]

What a Surprise: a commercial logo on an official document !

Experts in constitutional law and in economics criticize the Federal Government of Nigeria for agreeing to place the MasterCard logo on the electronic national identity card. MasterCard has provided its logo on the ID card […]

Electronic passports and international security

An intelligent system of electronic passports is expected to fight against terrorism and international crime by making it more difficult to counterfeit travel documents. But the implementation of such a strategy is opposed to the […]

Citizen voting and sexuality

Who would have thought that the binary system and the advent of the digital society would have created so much discussion about the voting electronic card? On the occasion of the election campaign in India, […]

Questions Raised by System-related to Citizen Identification

According to “The Economist”, Estonia has found the solution to record the citizens of all countries of the world in a unique system ID. Offered by the Estonian government, Estonian ID card is both a […]

National Training of Young Hackers

That is obvious : If the Internet is the meeting place of all the pirates of the world, we must train young experts in identity theft, in faking software and recruit these young computer hackers on […]

Electronic Professional Card for all European Lawyers

The Law Society of Scotland reminds all layers of its jurisdiction shall be in possession of a professional identity card with a digital signature in 2015. These cards allow the lawyers to fully sign documents […]

Electronic ID cards is a large market

“The World Report of the national industry electronic identity card, edition 2014” issued by Acuity Market Intelligence indicates that the global market for eID Card represents $ 54 billion in revenue between 2013-2018. During this […]

The Internet of Cars, or the “autonomous” car

Like the United States, the United Kingdom is going to allow the circulation of “autonomous cars” driving on their own (without driver) from next January. The British Government must establish by then changes to traffic […]

Traceability of schoolchildren and students

Schools in the region Floyd, Georgia, in northern Florida, are considering tracking movement of students by implementing RFID or barcode on the ID cards. Chattooga district recently decided to use ID cards equipped with RFID […]

eDL: A large European Project

The European Union is wishing to unify both the identity card and the driving license in use in European countries. On this occasion, major difficulties would be resolved with the use of the three European […]

The identity card propels election campaign in Mauritius

While preparing the election campaign for 2015 in Mauritius, voters are concerned about the obligation to change their conventional identity card against an electronic identity card this year. Twenty-five figures in the country, including two […]

New technologies are going to improve taxis management

Until recent years, the management of taxis in the city has always been an insoluble problem : at times, taxis available are too many compared to the demand; at other times, the opposite is true […]

The electronic driving license worldwide

The European driving license project of the European Commission aims to reduce the risk of fraud within the European Economic Area (the European Union, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway). The future driving licence has the size […]

GPS guide hackers

The proliferation of GPS devices is helping fraudsters. Here are two examples. A group of students has diverted from its original path a luxury yacht, using the GPS system. With a simple laptop and a […]

e-Government Programs Constraints

Many states have begun e-Government programs with the design, production or deployment of secure e-ID cards, often at the initiative of the interior ministry. Too often, the process has been approached from a technological standpoint. […]

Complete Identity Protection with SmartMX NXP Technology

NXP Semiconductors has delivered more than two billion secure SmartMX microcontrollers for Smart Cards and the National Identity Card. The adoption of contactless payment cards in the financial sector and the growing trend towards electronic […]

Unification of digital identity documents

Technical innovations, so beautiful they are, face many difficulties when they are introduce in the usual life, and many obstacles arise in particular when it comes to these innovations to be included in the protocols and traditions […]

CableWiFi Alliance is the Largest Wi-Fi Network in the USA

A number of USA based cable networks have announced that their combined Wi-Fi coverage has exceeded 150,000 hotspots in major cities. The alliance of networks to share Wi-Fi coverage was announced last year, and is […]

Early developments for the Internet of Things

The industry is interested in the development of the Internet of Things and in protocols that can facilitate the coordinated management of hundreds of automation, such as light bulbs, thermostats and systems for smart city […]

Michelin goes to the Internet with QR Codes

  Since 1898, the Michelin Guide lists hotels for a targeted audience, the nice cars and gourmet lit. The hundred Green Guides, created by Michelin in 1926, and the fifty “weekend” guides on large cities, […]

M2M technology creates the smartest cities

According to a study conducted by Harris Interactive on behalf of SAP, M2M technology is about to conquer and to revolutionize the management of major cities in Germany, Brazil, China and India. In particular, according […]

Prospects of biometric identity contracts in India

Two subsidiaries of the French company Safran, Morpho and L-1, and the Japanese NEC have been selected for the contract extending the unique identification number (UID) to the entire Indian population. The contract was signed […]

U.S. Mobile ticketing with Quick Response Code

The American company MBTA (Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority) is the fifth largest public transportation agency in the United States. It runs every weekend nearly 1.3 million passengers who use the bus, train or boat in […]

The new French driving license

In France, due to data processing problems, the new driver’s license will not be available before the 16th of September. It will be presented in the form of a plastic card also usable electronically. Holders […]

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