Subcutaneous implant as an identity card

puce sous la peauAn original experiment is taking place in Sweden. The 400 employees of an office agreed to be implanted with a microchip under the skin to facilitate their activities and business trips. No more ID card to open doors within the Epicentre, to use the copier, to open a computer, to communicate with a mobile phone, to pay a coffee or the canteen! This is no more painful than a small tattoo or a small injection on which a dressing is applied for one morning.

The principle of this dystopia (or utopia that could turn into a nightmare), however, was accepted by all employees to discuss on the spot the possibilities of this technology. This Swedish participatory biology is expected to enhance the work of sociologists connected to the Internet of Things. It should be noted that the AMF Fastigheter group that conducted the study includes Microsoft among its members. You have it all! See also

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